What is PVC fabric? Where can PVC fabrics be used?

PVC fabric is what we usually call plastic-coated cloth, which is coated with a layer of glue containing pvc on the canvas to make its surface smoother and completely waterproof. PVC materials in the use of life to add stabilizers, colors, impact agents and other additives, it is not easy to burn, high strength, climate change resistance and excellent geometric stability, and PVC can avoid oxidants, reducing agents and strong acid and alkali corrosion.

Because PVC coated plastic cloth can be mildew resistant, moth resistant, and obviously waterproof, compared with other types of canvas more waterproof, at low temperature is also more soft, high tensile strength, relatively light weight and other advantages. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses, can be used in foreign trade transportation, grain storage warehouses, undertake transportation on the dock, field play tents, as well as coal mines, railway and road transportation, warehousing, coal mines, open yard and other canvas products.

Post time: 2023-10-07 04:18:41