PVC Fabric Products For Various Applications

PVC drop stitch fabric

Face: Matte or Glossy

Thickness: 5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm available.

Color: black, yellow, blue, orange or customized.

Base Fabric: knitted or woven

Weight: 2200gsm, 2600gsm, 2800gsm, 3200gsm for air track, SUP, sports mattress etc.

Application: Commonly used in Paddle Board, Floating Platform, GYM Mat, Spa Cover, Air mattress, Cube, Rescue Raft, SUP docks, Boat Floor, Corn Board, Tub, Tube, Rescue Device, Inflatable Seats, Lifter, etc.


PVC Inflatable Fabric

Face: Matte or Glossy

Color: White, Red, Blue, Black, Green and customized.

Thickness: 0.52mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm

Weight: 650gsm, 850gsm, 1100gsm

Base Fabric: 1000*1000D, 23*23; 1000*1000D, 28*26

Application: Airtight PVC Inflatable Boat Fabric, PVC Inflatable Bouncy Castle, PVC Inflatable Children toys etc.


PVC Membrane Structure Fabric

Face: Matte or Glossy

Most Popular Color: White

Face: Matte or Glossy

Weight: 900gsm, 1050gsm, 1300gsm

BaseFabric: 1000*1000D, 30*30; 1500*1500D, 30*32

High Strength Membrane Structure PVC Coated Polyester Fabric.The PVC membrane tarpaulin always lacquered with acrylic or PVDF, it can made the tarpaulin durable and rain self clean. Membrane Structure Fabric usually include Fire retardant.

Application: Commonly used in architecture membrane structure, tent roof fabric, construction Shade, house roof etc.


PVC Truck Cover fabric

Face: Matte or Glossy

Weight: 18oz

Base fabric: 1000*1300D, 18*17

Truck Cover PVC Coated Polyester Fabric

This model is a very popular item in USD market.  

Application: PVC Cover Fabric commonly used in Truck Cover, Side Curtain Cover, Trailer Cover, RV Cover, Semi-trailer Cover, Hay Cover, Goods Cover, Container Cover, Music Concert Cover, Construction site Cover, Ship Cover, etc.

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